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Dear Friends:

With all the freezing weather, snow, and icy rain that Virginia has received the last few weeks, can you believe that I still have a rose bush in bloom in Mathews?

My yellow rose just won't give up! If you look very closely in the background, you can see ice around the edge of the creek behind my house in Mathews.

I spent New Year's at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. My friends at Kitten's Korner Gallery hosted a show with me there Tuesday through Friday of last week, and The Greenbrier looked like a picture postcard. The decorations were outstandingly beautiful, with every Christmas tree decorated in a different theme, and the food was lovely.

With the new owner, there was such a happy atmosphere. The Greenbrier was giving dancing lessons between Christmas and New Year's, and we were all trying to learn some of the steps. What fun to see a whole group of people struggling the first day and twisting and turning with finesse by the end of the week. On New Year's Eve they held a dinner dance, and the decorations were unbelievable. I was in bed and asleep by 8:30 p.m., but I woke up in time to watch the ball come down in New York on TV, which is a must, and then I went back to sleep.

People came from all over, and it was fun to learn where everyone was from. I met people who live not far from Mathews in the Chesapeake Bay area and people from Norfolk, Virginia; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Washington, DC; and Boston, Massachusetts, as well as West Virginia. I'm on the books again for next year (end of this year), so plan your trip to be there with me!

On December 30, the P. Buckley Moss Museum celebrated its 600,000th visitor and awarded long-time collector and Waynesboro, Virginia, resident Helena Brower a gift certificate for $500.00. Helena came to the Museum that day to buy her best friend a gift certificate and was very overwhelmed when she was given one herself! She was so taken by surprise that the Museum staff had to explain it to her several times. Luckily, there were two groups of Girl Scouts touring the Museum at the time, and they helped the realization to set in with enthusiastic applause.

Museum receptionist Barbara Hodgen (left) presented Helena Brower (right) of Waynesboro, Va., her gift certificate for being the Museum's 600,000th visitor on December 30. Congratulations, Helena!

Girl Scout Cadet Troop #447 and Senior Troop #932 from Monterey, Va., helped Helena celebrate her good luck. Front row, L. to R.: Cheyenne Ryder, Haley Reid, Chelsey Isles, Museum receptionist Barbara Hodgen, Grand Prize Winner Helena Brower, and Museum receptionist Marianne Fickling, who gave the girls the tour. Back row, L. to R.: Holli Simmons, Tracy Chapman, Cassie Hoover, Grace Blanchard, Lily West, and Michell Burns. Not pictured are Troop Leaders Patricia Chapman and Mary Dowdy.

When I returned to Mathews from The Greenbrier, I found a card from my sister Mary, a.k.a. Honey, and brother-in-law Bill. Enclosed in it was the following note that I want to share with you:

"Just a short note, actually a request, to pray for our grandson Lt. Hal Degenhardt, and all the other soldiers, of The Texas National Guard 72nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team. These brave men, of all walks of life, have recently been sent to Iraq.

"Might we suggest the following prayer?

"Prayer For Our Servicemen

"O Mary, Queen of Martyr's look after our beloved wherever they may be. Talk with them during the silent watches of the night and spur them to bravery when they face the cruel foe. Keep them inspired by never-dying faith in their God. Wherever their duty takes them, keep their spirit high and their purpose unwavering.

"They are our choicest treasure. Take care of them, O Mother of God. Keep them in health and sustain them under every possible circumstance. Touch them with my smile of cheer and comfort and full confidence in their every pursuit. Fail them not and may they not fail their God, our country or ones who love them.


We all know and love someone serving our country, don't we! Hal is my grandnephew.


Awhile back I borrowed some silverware from my daughter Mary and gave it to my daughter Ginny to return for me. I put some old family pictures in the case that I thought Mary would enjoy, and Ginny found the pictures and asked me about them. We enjoyed reminiscing so much that I can't resist sharing a couple of them with you.

This is a painting I did of my children Ginny, Chris, and Patty. Patty is the one with the blue hat in the painting. Standing beside it are Ginny, left, and Chris, right. Can you tell that I cut their hair myself? The picture was taken at our house behind the Country Club in Waynesboro, which was very small, but we loved the location. It only had two bedrooms, and we had six children! We took part of the garage and made it into another bedroom for the girls, and later on we added a big room in the back. This painting sold at a boardwalk show in Virginia Beach. Where is it now, I wonder?

This picture was taken at Skyline Drive. My children want to go back this coming summer and take another picture with them all in the same positions. Back row, L. to R.: Becky, Mary, and Ginny. Front row, L. to R.: Chris, John, and Patty.

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