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Dear Friends:

I've recently lost two very good friends, Joann Vasquez of Bocas del Toro, Panama, and Katharine Ann Lake of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Joann was a pillar of the community of Bocas del Toro and also a pillar of her Methodist Church. Everyone could go to Joann for help or food or whatever they needed. She read her Bible through every year from beginning to end; and, when the minister couldn't make it across the water to do the service, Joann would do it. She raised her children to have the same values, and Bocas del Toro will never, never be the same without her. She and her daughter Virginia were the first two friends I made in Bocas del Toro years ago, and I have always cherished their friendship. As many of you know, Virginia ran the P. Buckley Moss Society's program to instruct the native children in English.

In Katharine Ann, I lost a good friend and dinner pal. She was also a pillar of the community in St. Petersburg, and she and her husband Jack were known and loved by everyone here. My mother Gran Liz especially loved Jack. The day after our arrival in St. Petersburg last week, Patty and I attended Katharine Ann's funeral. Afterward, we went to dinner with two of our other good buddies Joyce Wilson and Mary Margaret Winning to celebrate Katharine Ann's life. Patty really enjoyed our banter as we remembered good times shared with Katharine Ann.

Patty drove down to Florida with me and helped me change my studio around. She also did a lot of other things for me that I don't get around to doing myself before she flew back to Virginia. We enjoyed our drive down together and had a great time talking and sharing.

My daughter Patty, taking care of some maintenance issues at my home in St. Petersburg, Fl.

Corrado Gabellieri, the Director of my Museum, called me from Italy to remind me what he would like me to paint for the Museum Open House and Barn Show this April 23-25. We laughed, because every time he goes on vacation for two weeks he never forgets the Museum. Corrado is originally from Italy (as if you couldn't tell from his name) and tries to visit his family at least once a year.

My easels are set up, and I've started painting. I'm very excited about the new space in my studio. There aren't any comfortable chairs or sofas in there anymore, just practical space, and I'm finding it much easier to work in. I look forward to showing you pictures of my work as it progresses in the weeks to come.

My studio in St. Petersburg after moving out some unnecessary furniture.

Some of the studio furniture found a new home in my bedroom, including this sofa.

My heart aches for the people of Haiti as they suffer the devastation of this week's earthquake. It's so very important for us to help our fellow human beings around the world when disaster strikes. We are blessed, but we never know when it may be our turn. Let our thoughts and prayers be with them, and let us help in any way that we can.


Ladye Buckner of the Mossaphile Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society quilted this gorgeous wall hanging around one of my hand-painted fabric centerpieces. This is at least the third such quilt that Ladye has completed to benefit the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education. Located in the Atlanta, Ga., area, the Mossaphile Chapter will raffle this quilt during my show with The Framery in Marietta, Ga., on March 20, and the proceeds will benefit the Foundation. For more information on the quilt raffle, please contact Ladye at 770-277-2454. Thank you so much for your generous time and exceptional talent, Ladye!

You can also support the Foundation by ordering qualifying new Verizon residential products in the Maryland; Washington, DC; Virginia; and West Virginia areas. Verizon will donate a portion of the purchased products through their Verizon Velocity Program to the Foundation. The eligible products are Verizon FiOS Internet or High Speed Internet; Verizon FiOS TV or DirecTV; and Verizon Freedom Calling, long distance, or additional line. Three easy steps are all it takes:

Step 1. Call 1-888-695-5299 (no on-line orders).

Step 2. Say "YES" to the first prompt.

Step 3. Provide our code, 13582.

That is all it takes. Please keep the Foundation in mind if you are ordering these Verizon services.

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