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Dear Friends:

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and it is Florida! Thank you, dear Lord, for making this such a beautiful place! I've been working in my studio and loving every minute of it. I've been working on pieces for Easter and also the adult Members-Only Print for 2010.

Angel in my Garden is the adult Members-Only Print for 2010. Those collectors either joining the P. Buckley Moss Society or renewing their memberships in 2010 will be eligible to purchase this print. I will also be working on a special print for junior members.

The wall that appears in Angel in my Garden was inspired by Mary Lou McMillin's garden wall. Mary Lou is the president of the Society's Board of Directors, and she is such a dedicated and long-time member of the Society. She's a great president, too. The Board is going to meet here next month, and I'm looking forward to Mary Lou and Board Secretary Sally Ann Gobrecht coming a couple days early and staying with me. We're going to discuss what the Board is working on and plans for my June 11-12 Collectors' Convention that will be held in Williamsburg, Virginia. Williamsburg is a wonderful place to visit, but not until spring-let me stay here in Florida and stay warm and walk with my friends!

I'm so proud of the Society and its chapters. The chapters are doing wonderful things on behalf of others, and I love it when I'm able to attend their fundraisers and make a contribution. I hope all the chapters know how much I appreciate the work they're doing. I love the enthusiasm and the caring that goes into the fundraising for someone in need or some special cause. I encourage all chapters to stay in touch and let us know what they're doing so we can let our collectors know. It's good to share ideas and information, because it inspires others to do likewise.

I'm so proud of my fellow Americans and their big hearts. I often have the TV on while I paint; and, as I listen to the news reports about Haiti, I feel so good knowing that people care and are making donations for the relief effort and helping in other ways. I would love to be able to adopt one of those little babies, but I know that is out of the question at my age. Looking back on my life, I think of the beautiful years I had painting while my children were small and kept me close to home. Yet, every year has been a beautiful year!

My outings while I'm in Florida are usually to art exhibits. Last week my friend Mary Wyatt Allen and I went to Tarpon Springs, which was the first incorporated city on the Pinellas Peninsula, for the Miniature Art Society of Florida's 2010 Annual International Miniature Art Show. It's being held at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. It's such fun to see the detail in the miniature paintings that are only two or three inches square.

Tarpon Springs is famous for its sea sponge industry. Greek immigrants settled in Tarpon Springs in the very early 1900's and expanded and refined the sponging industry. Today, tourists like Mary Wyatt and I can browse the shops offering sponges and Greek meals. We had lunch on one of the docks. The lamb gyros we ordered were big enough for two people, but we each had our own so we could have lunch again the next day. It was so good!

This Sunday, I'm going to the 37th Annual Art Festival Beth-El here in St. Petersburg. The festival is held in a synagogue and has art from all over. It's an absolutely wonderful exhibit.

Visitors from Nebraska, escaping the cold and paying the Finn Gallery a visit, L. to R.: Chris Caniglia, Chuck Caniglia, me, Dick Liebentritt, and Mary Liebentritt. The Caniglia's and the Liebentritt's are friends of Jeff Bosiljevac and Ginger's Hang-Up in Omaha, Ne. Dick and Mary Liebentritt, who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, purchased one of my Holy Family Shrine prints. The Holy Family Shrine is located near Omaha. Finn Gallery owner Tim Finn is so good at getting to know people, remembering them, and making them feel comfortable. The gallery is next door to my house, so I'm in and out quite a bit and always enjoy meeting people.

Although I'm working in Florida, I think of my Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia, all the time, and I love to hear what my staff is doing with the exhibits. Museum Director Corrado Gabellieri is back from his vacation in Italy to visit his family and is very energized and exuberant about moving things around in the Museum and refreshing the exhibits. Corrado is working with Gift Shop Manager Jo Cowherd and Administrator/Curator Bonnie Stump on the project. The Museum has a great staff; and, if you pay them a visit, I'm sure you'll agree.

Corrado's father Lino Gabellieri. He's 89-years-young!

Corrado's nephew Emilio and niece Emma. Note Emilio's Virginia Tech shirt!

'Til next week...


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