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Dear Friends:

The opening reception of my exhibit at The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen was a total delight. The Center's Board of Directors is a lovely group of people, and the job they have done with their wonderful facility is amazing. The Center offers classes in dance and pottery, among others, and they have a fabulous gift shop. I found beautiful, red, metal poppies in the gift shop-you know I can't resist an opportunity to go shopping!

My day started with a live TV interview at Richmond's CBS affiliate WTVR. My interview was on their Virginia This Morning show with hosts Greg McQuade and Cheryl Miller. It was great fun to be with such relaxed and easy people.

My interview last Thursday on Virginia This Morning with hosts Cheryl Miller and Greg McQuade.

I had the most wonderful escort for the day. Janet Kay's husband is on The Center's Board, and she did an excellent job of making sure that I was where I was supposed to be, when. After the TV interview, we drove over to The Center for a luncheon with some of their key supporters. The food was divine, and everyone asked very good questions. I was supposed to talk about the symbolism in my art, but I think I ended up talking about everything else instead. We had a great time together.

Following the luncheon, I had back-to-back interviews with Zach Reid with the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Lisa Crutchfield, Editor of FiftyPlus Magazine. They were both charming, but Zach was my special hero because he ran out after our interview and brought me back a double espresso. That gave me the energy I needed to get through my interview with Lisa.

L. to R.: Me; Zach Reid, Richmond Times-Dispatch; and Lisa Crutchfield, Editor of FiftyPlus Magazine.

The reception in the evening was beautiful, and everyone who came was so nice and interested in both my work and what The Center has to offer. The Center is truly a gem, and it was so important for people to come out and realize what is there.

The Moss on the James Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society volunteered to help out during the reception. They are faithful friends, and I am so grateful for their support. Aren't our chapters wonderful!

Here, I'm pictured with Lauren Hall and her husband Jay. Lauren is the Visual Arts Manager for The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, and she and Jay did a fantastic job of hanging my exhibit.

L. to R.: Will Sterling, me, and Kevin LaMarr Jones. Both Will and Kevin are dancers and instructors with the Latin Ballet at The Center.

It was very special for me to have so many of my family and staff with me for the opening reception. L. to R.: My daughter Patty Moss; Corrado Gabellieri, Director of the P. Buckley Moss Museum ; Cathy Williams, Administrator, The Moss Portfolio; Bonnie Stump, Curator and Administrator at my Museum; me; and Jake Henderson, President, The Moss Portfolio. Bonnie and Corrado told me that the snow has finally melted at the Museum, and the crocuses and tulips are starting to show. The Museum is going to be lovely this spring, and I can hardly wait to see it!

The Center's special exhibit of my art runs through May 2. If you're in the Richmond area, I hope you'll stop and take a look.

I'm back in St. Petersburg, Florida, now and getting ready for my show this weekend with the Finn Gallery. Gallery owner Tim Finn and I will release a special new giclée on paper titled Greener Pastures, and a portion of the proceeds from the edition will benefit Casey's Place Animal Sanctuary, Inc., in Brooksville, Florida, and other horse rescue organizations.

Greener Pastures will be released as a giclée on paper during my show with Finn Gallery in St. Petersburg, Fl., March 12-14. A portion of the proceeds from the edition will benefit horse rescue organizations. For more information, please contact the gallery at 727-894-2899.

March 20-21 I'll be with my friends Barry and Pam Watson and the Mossaphile Chapter of the Society in Marietta, Georgia, for a show with The Framery. I've created a new painting featuring the Wren's Nest, which will be released as both a giclée on paper and a giclée on canvas during the show. Wren's Nest Visitor features the house in Atlanta where Joel Chandler Harris created the character of Uncle Remus as a narrator for his version of "Br'er Rabbit" stories. Harris lived in the Queen Anne Victorian from 1881 to 1908 and penned many of the "Br'er Rabbit" tales on the front porch. My earlier print editions featuring The Wren's Nest include Atlanta and The Wren's Nest Revisited. Wren's Nest Visitor is my first depiction of the subject as a giclée.

Wrens Nest Visitor will be released as both a giclée on paper and a giclée on canvas during my show with The Framery March 20-21. For more information, please contact the gallery at 770-977-8667.


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