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Dear Friends:

One more week to go and I'll be in Waynesboro, Virginia, for my Barn Show and Museum Open House. We're releasing three special prints at the Museum the weekend of July 16-18, featuring scenes from Virginia Beach. When I was younger and my children were little, I did the boardwalk show there with all six of my kids in tow, along with some of their friends. I showed my paintings and talked to people while my children and their friends swam in the ocean. What fun and what work! I can't believe I did it.

Virginia Beach Treasures celebrates summer at Virginia Beach, VA. The image includes the historic Cavalier Hotel, both Cape Henry Lighthouses, and the statue of King Neptune, combining attractions both old and new.

Castle in the Sand features a sand castle that happens to be The Cavalier Hotel. The famous pier at Virginia Beach appears in the background.

Our Day at the Beach inspires a sense of nostalgia for a more serene and innocent time, when parents watched their children build sand castles and chase birds along the beach. The Virginia Beach pier also appears in the background.

This is my last week of work in my Florida studio for a while. I watched St. Petersburg's 4th of July fireworks from my studio window and then went back to work. The City of St. Pete puts on a magnificent show every year in the park across from my house, and crowds of people come out to enjoy them. There will be more crowds this weekend when The Chihuly Collection has its grand opening on July 11, also across the street from my house. I'm so glad that I'll still be here then so I can attend.

One of the paintings I've been working on is the piece for this year's P. Buckley Moss Society Members-Only Chapter Companion Print. This print will be given to all 2010 chapter members who purchase the 2010 Members-Only Print Angel in My Garden, as a thank-you to our chapter members for the amazing work they do for charities. Only Society members who are members of a local chapter and who purchase Angel in My Garden are eligible to receive this print.

Angel in My Garden is the 2010 Society Adult Members-Only Print.

This painting will be the image for the 2010 Society Members-Only Chapter Companion Print.

As you know, I go walking every morning with my friends in St. Pete, and we've become known as "The Streetwalkers." We've been walking together for about 23 years! We all met for lunch earlier this week, since I'll be leaving soon-it's great to have wonderful friends!

Farewell, 'til I return in November! Our 7:30 walks for one hour every morning keep us Streetwalkers in shape. Standing, L. to R.: Mary Millstrom, Judy, Jackie Petersen, and me. Sitting, L. to R.: Denie Miller, Mary Wyatt Allen, and Mary Joan Mann. Not pictured, Joyce Wilson.


I'd like to share a portion of a very nice letter I received from Taylor Bohon, the recipient of this year's Anne and Matt Harbison Scholarship:

"Dear Ms. Moss,

"I wanted to thank you for your kind words that you shared about me with the P. Buckley Moss Society Membership. I am so grateful for the scholarship and it is a tremendous help with my costs. I was also touched by your story of struggle as a child. I am so impressed that you have taken what was a very difficult time in your life and used it to help others know they are not alone. I remember when I first started having difficulty, I wondered what was wrong with ME. I wish someone had shared your story with me. Your success in sharing your gift of art with others is inspirational. It clearly proves that you were not defined by your disability, but rather you found your gift and let it serve as a blessing to many. I am honored and proud to receive this generous award as well as the wonderful words of recognition.

"...Again, I thank you with all my heart and please pass along to the Anne and Matt Harbison Scholarship Committee my deepest appreciation.

"Kind Regards,

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