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Dear Friends:

We lost a dear friend last week. Patty Hicks Zierow managed the Mathews Art Gallery from its opening until the onset of her illness in April. She was very active in the community, and Mathews will miss her terribly. P. Buckley Moss Galleries and I will also miss her as a friend whom we saw almost weekly as she came by to pick up stock for the gallery. She was a great organizer and a warm, friendly person who was always smiling and had kind eyes.

My business partner Jake Henderson and I attended Patty's funeral Tuesday morning at historic Ware Episcopal Church in neighboring Gloucester County. It was a lovely morning and a wonderful service in a beautiful setting. Patty loved flowers, and there were sunflowers draped over her casket and adorning the surrounding graves. She would have loved it.

Patty's passing has made me think about friends whom I don't get the opportunity to see or talk to often. It has also made me think about our armed forces, whom we can never thank enough for their sacrifices. I have thought of them so often in the heat we've had this summer and what they go through everyday without the comfort and support of their families around them. Let's all give a special prayer for them and for all our friends whom we think about and don't manage to see or tell how much we care for them. Let's also reach out to those whom we haven't spoken to in a while. It makes a difference in life. I know; I love to hear from friends.

I have a quiet week and a half here in Mathews before I go over to Waynesboro for our Dealers' Meeting next weekend. I love to spend time at my Museum and talk to people who are surprised to find me there. I enjoy dropping in whenever I'm in Waynesboro and sharing stories with collectors. Hope to see you there one day!


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