Dear Friends:

What a great weekend!  A pink fire truck showed up to help us raise funds for our breast cancer walk, which was held this past Saturday morning in conjunction with my show with Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, Ohio.  What a delight it was to see this beautiful pink fire truck pull up!  Its driver was Erwin Walker, and he was even wearing a pink shirt.  Erwin and the pink fire truck are from the Stonelick Fire Department and are part of the Southeast Chapter of the Guardians of the Ribbon, which are a group of firefighters, police officers, and leaders in the community whose purpose is to raise awareness and money for the fight against breast cancer.

I couldn’t resist climbing aboard the fire truck!  Pictured with me is Erwin Walker, who is the truck’s driver.  The truck will be dedicated this weekend, and breast cancer survivors will be allowed to sign the truck on the outside.  As most of you know, I’m a survivor, too, and I got to sign the truck on the inside of one of the doors.

Our walk this year was called the Dale Bowman Memorial Walk and benefitted the PALS for Life Breast Cancer Support Group and the Dale Bowman Scholarship Fund.  Dale Bowman, who recently passed away, was a co-owner of the Hammel House Inn B&B in Waynesville, OH.  Pictured L. to R.:  Pam Bowman, co-owner of the Hammel House Inn B&B and wife of Dale Bowman; Joan Schurerman, a member of the group of women that Canada Goose Gallery worked with on the very first PALS for Life breast cancer walk in 1993—yes, we’ve been walking together for nearly twenty years!; me; Laura DeRamus, co-owner of Canada Goose Gallery; Kathy Heims, co-owner of Canada Goose Gallery; Vicki Taylor Roberts; and Erwin Walker, driver of the pink fire truck.

There were 130 participants in our walk.  Most of us wore white and pink shirts, but some wore black and pink shirts.  The black shirts were worn by walkers who had lost a loved one or friend due to breast cancer and also as a tribute to Dale Bowman, in whose name the walk was dedicated.

My weekend actually started on Thursday evening, with a fundraising dinner at the home of Alan and Sue Eakle in Xenia, Ohio, to benefit both GreeneBucs and my Foundation for Children’s Education.  Greenebucs is the Greene County Chapter of National AMBUCS™, Inc., which is a non-profit service organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for children and adults with disabilities.  During the event, Alan Eakle auctioned an amazing quilt that was designed and stitched by Marian Gebele of Beavercreek, Ohio, incorporating one of my hand-painted centerpieces.  This quilt is different from others that have been made with my centerpieces, in that I designed the centerpiece so that it could be divided into sections for a window effect in the overall design of the quilt.  It brought a record bid of $6,100, which will be divided equally between GreeneBucs and my Foundation for Children’s Education.

The Fabric Shack in Waynesville, OH, donated the fabric for the centerpiece that was used in the quilt made by Marian Gebele for the weekend and also introduced me to the acid free pens that I am now using for my quilt centerpieces.  Thank you, Fabric Shack owners Don & Maxine Young!  I just had to visit the store, and it was like Christmas for me.  I had so much fun looking at all the wonderful colors and fabrics that I didn’t want to leave.  On my way out, two women asked me, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like P. Buckley Moss?”  I told them, “Well, I’m her sister.”  Then I confessed that I am me.  We had the best laugh.

Alan Eakle, in the white shirt, auctioned the quilt.  To his left is his wife Sue, standing, in the brown sweater.  They are such gracious hosts!

GreeneBucs does such great work!  This little girl is sitting on a tryke provided by GreeneBucs, which enables her to get around.  Her parents adopted her from China with a special request:  they specifically wanted a child with club feet, because the mother had club feet as a child and would understand what it is like.  L. to R.:  Joyce Peet, therapist; me; Richard Erickson, father; Kirsten Erickson, mother; Katie Depp, speech therapist; and Zoe on the tryke.

This is the second year I’ve been to the Eakle’s for the GreeneBucs fundraiser, and both times I was made a judge in their cake-tasting competition.  What delicious cakes!  It was so hard choosing.

Friday and Saturday I was in the gallery.  More beautiful framing you will never see.  It’s a real class act.  All the merchants in Waynesville were so grateful to Canada Goose and me for having the show and bringing in so many people to the town.

Signing in the gallery.

The Red Hat Ladies came in a group.

Cindy Knotts of the Trees of Life Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society showed me her quilt-in-progress that she is working on for the Foundation.  I want to take it on our Alaska Cruise next summer and auction it off.  Not only is Cindy working on this quilt, but she also recently made another quilt with one of my centerpieces which the Trees of Life Chapter auctioned to benefit a family in need in their area.  That quilt raised an outstanding $3,500.

This weekend I’ll be with my friends at The Village Shoppe in Kalona, Iowa.  The Moss Country Friends Chapter of the Society is also holding a fundraising dinner while I’m there to raise money for their charitable projects.  Last year, Barb Greene and Pearl Yoder, who live in the area and are members of the Society, each completed quilted wall hangings featuring one of my centerpieces.  Those two quilts will be auctioned during the Moss Country Friends Chapter’s fundraising event, and the quilt auction proceeds will be divided equally between the Chapter and my Foundation for Children’s Education.

The quilt that Pearl Yoder made.  L. to R.:  Pearl Yoder, Village Shoppe owner Doris Greiner, and me.

The quilt that Barb Greene made:  L. to R.:  Barb Greene and me.

Village Shoppe owner Doris Greiner and I will also release two new prints during our show, which will be held at the Kalona Chamber of Commerce.  Old River Bridge features the iron and timber-deck bridge that was built in 1887 by the Bunker Mill on the English River.  It connects Kalona and Richmond, Iowa, and is being considered for use now as part of a bike trail system.  The bridge was also featured in the Hallmark movie Harvest of FireA Boy and a Dream features an Iowa Hawkeye.

Old River Bridge, above, and A Boy and a Dream, below, will be release during my show with The Village Shoppe in Kalona, IA, October 28-29.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 319-656-3853.

I’m very excited about another fundraising opportunity for my Foundation for Children’s Education that we just kicked off at the P. Buckley Moss Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia.  Gwen Sinclair of Bellevue, Nebraska, made an exquisite quilt around one of my centerpieces, and we are going to display it at the Museum from October 24, 2011, through December 4, 2012, and sell raffle tickets for it.  Gwen says of the quilt, which is titled Sweet Companion, “I believe color makes the quilt!  I chose the pattern of circle dance for the quilt because of the movement of Pat’s drawing and it looks ethereal.  I have been quilting for twenty years, and I love the challenge in color and design.”  Tickets are one for $1.00 or six for $5.00.  Checks should be made payable to the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education.  For more information, or to order tickets, please contact either the Foundation (152 P. Buckley Moss Drive, Waynesboro, VA  22980; 540-932-1728) or the Museum (150 P. Buckley Moss Drive, Waynesboro, VA  22980; 540-949-6473 or 1-800-343-8643).

This beautiful quilt, designed and stitched by Gwen Sinclair of Bellevue, NE, is hanging from the balcony in the foyer of the P. Buckley Moss Museum in Waynesboro, VA.  It will be on display from October 24, 2011, to December 4, 2012, and will be the prize of a raffle to benefit the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education.  For more information on the raffle, please contact either the Foundation office at 540-932-1728 or the Museum at 540-949-6473 or 1-800-343-8643.

If you think we’re working hard to raise money for the Foundation with these quilts, it’s because the funds raised are so vital to the work of the Foundation in its support of children’s education programs and teachers.  Last year the Foundation received around sixty grant and award applications from teachers, and this year the Foundation has received over 200 such applications.


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