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Dear Friends:
Bless our wonderful P. Buckley Moss Society and the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education!  The energy and fun that the Society Chapter members put into raising funds for learning different children is so exciting, and to see how those funds benefit the children is truly rewarding.  I spent a wonderful weekend with members of the Three Rivers Moss Chapter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and we were honored at a reception held at the Phipps Conservatory that was hosted by The Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities (ACLD) of Greater Pittsburgh.  The ACLD of Greater Pittsburgh has been the benefactor of the Three Rivers Moss Chapter’s annual print raffle for the past twenty years, and the Chapter has raised $75,000 for ACLD!  If you haven’t already joined the Society or a chapter, I hope you’ll consider it.  You’ll enjoy making new friends and being with other people who care, and you’ll have fun raising funds to help others.
ACLD was formed in 1966, with the original name of Allegheny County Association for Children with Learning Disabilities.  Its initial mission was to improve the county’s educational services for the large, unserved population of children with learning disabilities.  Today, ACLD provides two specialized tutoring centers (ACLD Learning Centers); the ACLD Diagnostic Clinic, which was one of the first educational testing centers specializing in the diagnosis of LD in the United States; the ACLD Tillotson School, which is a coeducational day school for elementary, middle, and high school students through the age of 21 who are challenged by complex, specific learning disabilities; and the ACLD Adult Program, which was one of the first rehabilitation programs in the United States solely dedicated to helping adults with specific learning disabilities attain higher literacy skills and employment.
The Tillotson School was named in honor of Katharine Dean Tillotson, who was one of ACLD’s original founders.  I remember meeting her years ago and being so drawn to her.  I later found out that she actually taught learning different children, and I realized that was why I was so drawn to her.  How I wish ACLD had been around when I was growing up.  My early school years would have been so much easier if I could have gone to a school like Tillotson that understands learning different children and knows how to work with them.  Unfortunately, I grew up at a time when very little, if anything, was known about learning differences, and my teachers thought I was stupid or lazy.  This is why I’m so grateful for ACLD and other organizations like it as well as for our Society and our Foundation.  The work that is being done today on behalf of learning different children is so very important.  Learning different children are just as intelligent as other children; they just learn in a different way.  Often, these children have other gifts and talents that need to be nurtured and developed.  I always say that what God has taken away in one area, He has given back in another.  So it was with my art, and I feel that dyslexia has been a blessing to me in many ways.
I was very honored to receive an Opening Doors Award plaque from ACLD for my “tireless work in support of children and adults with specific learning disabilities.”  Please know that I accept the honors that I receive on behalf of all members of the P. Buckley Moss Society and the staff and boards of directors of both the Society and the Foundation for Children’s Education for their tireless work and dedication to this cause.
During the ACLD reception at Phipps last Thursday evening, I got a chance to meet some of Tillotson’s remarkable students and see some of their artwork which was on display.  I was most honored that some of the students had used my work as their inspiration.  The evening also included an auction of some of my prints and gift items to benefit ACLD.  It was a wonderful evening in a beautiful setting.  If you are ever in Pittsburgh, please visit the Phipps Conservatory.  It is breathtaking!  One of the thrills for me was seeing a gorgeous Chihuly glass chandelier hanging in the atrium of Phipps, which is the domed part of the building.  It was spectacular!
While in Pittsburgh last weekend, I also attended a luncheon with members of local Rotary Clubs, in addition to having a show with Fast Frame in McMurray.  Rotarians are inspirational people, all volunteers, who are full of energy and do wonderful things to help others.  During the luncheon we discussed fundraising opportunities using my new print Peace Through Rotary Service.  Ten percent of the proceeds from each print sold will benefit Rotary International.  The print celebrates Rotary’s goal of promoting world peace by improving the quality of life of others.  I used the peace symbol as an overall design to show Rotary’s three main projects of polio eradication, water provision, and literacy/education.  I’ve also created a special poster for Rotary International.
My show with Jim and Donna Uhrig, owners of Fast Frame, was loads of fun.  The gallery is lovely and the framing, beautiful.  Jim and Donna are very gracious, and I’m so happy to have them representing my work in the area.

Pictured above is a modified version of my Dad’s Loving Arms Counted Cross Stitch.  The chart calls for the father to be holding a black cat in one hand, but Susan Smith (pictured with me below) changed it to a monkey when she was stitching the piece because her daughter was so attached to her toy monkey.  Susan was afraid to bring it in for me to see, because she thought I’d be upset; but, her husband made her.  I’m so glad he did, because I thought it was adorable!


The happy folks at Fast Frame, L. to R.:  Bridget Uhrig, Jim and Donna’s daughter-in-law; Jim Uhrig, owner of Fast Frame; me; Koby Uhrig, Jim and Donna’s grandson; Donna Uhrig, owner of Fast Frame; Keith Uhrig, Jim and Donna’s son; and Carly Thomas, Fast Frame’s framer.

Sunday morning I was sent off in style.  Carol Megill, President of the Three Rivers Moss Chapter, hosted a wonderful brunch at her home with members of the chapter.  It was so nice to spend some time with “the girls.”  One of the chapter members is Veronica Nulph, owner of The Perfect Picture in Butler, Pennsylvania.  Veronica helped organize the items for the auction at Phipps and provided a lovely display of my work for the evening.  Carol arranged for a “Molly Trolley” to take me to the airport after the brunch, and there was enough room for all of us, so the group saw me off.  We had quite an adventure, as it was snowing like a blizzard on the way!  The day before had been mild, so the snow was something of a surprise, but it was beautiful.  The Molly Trolley had no trouble at all in the snow, and I arrived at the airport safe and on time.

Here I am with the Three Rivers Moss Chapter at the home of their president Carol Megill.  Carol is a passionate collector of my art, and what you see here is just a small portion of her collection.  These women have raised approximately $75,000 for ACLD during the past twenty years!  What an achievement!

This weekend, I’ll be in St. Petersburg, Florida, for a show with my friend Tim Finn at the Finn Gallery.  Tim is featuring a wide selection of my prints and holiday gift items, and I’ll be on hand to sign my work and meet collectors.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing my Florida friends.  The local Society chapter, Moss Pelicans, will also have a luncheon and meeting at my house.  It’s going to be fun!
Next weekend I’ll be with Jeff Van Boskirk for a show at 2nd Floor Gallery and Gallerie 13 in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  Jeff and I will debut a new giclée edition of historic Carlisle Barracks, which is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  I visited Carlisle Barracks years ago and gave a talk to the Army Officers’ Wives’ Club, and I’m very pleased to have been asked to do a painting of it.

This giclée of Carlisle Barracks will be released November 28-29 during my show with 2nd Floor Gallery in Mechanicsburg, PA, but I will actually be signing at Gallerie 13 in Mechanicsburg.  For more information, please contact gallery owner Jeff Van Boskirk at 717-697-0502.

Where is the time going?  Is Thanksgiving really next week?  It is!  We have so much to be thankful for all year long.  This time of year, especially, we should remember those less fortunate than ourselves and try in some way to brighten the lives of others.

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