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Dear Friends:

What a happy Christmas when you have family and friends! I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Waynesboro, Virginia, and everyone congregated at my daughter Ginny's house. The only ones missing were my son Chris and his family and my daughter Mary Donnelly and her family, but I got to see the Donnelly's on Sunday. My daughter Becky and her family are over from Italy, and it was so nice to be with them for Christmas again.

Christmas at my daughter Ginny's house in Waynesboro, VA. Back row, L. to R.: My son John's wife Maureen, John, my children's father Jack Moss, Jack's wife Malone, me, my daughter Patty, and Patty's friend Mary Morgan. Front row, L. to R.: My granddaughter Michela Ghezzi, my grandson Picco Gabellieri, my son-in-law Roberto Ghezzi, family dog Winny Gabellieri, my granddaughter Sofia Ghezzi, my daughter Becky Ghezzi, my granddaughter Chiara Gabellieri, my daughter Ginny, and Ginny's husband Corrado Gabellieri behind her.

Becky, Roberto, Sofia, Michela, and I braved the snow Sunday and drove over to Radford to Mary's house. I don't think it snowed as much in the western part of the state as it did on the coast. I understand Mathews got around eight inches!

A rare picture of The Moss Portfolio in Mathews with lots of snow.

At Mary's house in Radford. Top row, L. to R.: My grandchildren Sarah, Sean, and Kate Donnelly. Bottom row, L. to R.: My grandchildren Michela and Sofia Ghezzi, me, my daughter Becky, and my daughter Mary.

Becky and her family and I left Mary's Monday and started driving to St. Petersburg, Florida. We arrived safely in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, but we passed lots of accidents along the way. It snowed all the way down to Savannah, Georgia!

I've had my fix of snow for the year, and now I'm looking forward to getting settled in my St. Petersburg studio for the winter.

A happy New Year to all!



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